Establishment of the Green Technologies Research and Education Center

December 1st, 2008

The Verena Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Green Technologies Research and Education Center (GreenTREC), in Belize, Central America. GreenTREC ( will be integrated initially with The Balam Escape (, a mixed-use, carbon neutral, zero waste, alternative energy community in Belize.

GreenTREC is a not-for-profit organization, whose mission – to promote the development and use of cutting edge as well as existing, economically viable green technologies and sustainable business practices by corporate, government, and civic sectors in order to mitigate climate change and other environmental challenges – is accomplished through a combination of applied research and education programs.

The Verena Foundation has funded GreenTREC with $100,000, and Dr. Hart Porsch, through his company Balam Investments, has donated 200 acres of land to GreenTREC, valued at $400,000.

Dr. Stefan Harzen has been retained to develop the initial conceptualization of GreenTREC, and to lead the search for the participating scientists and companies.

GreenTREC Business Plan: GreenTREC_-_Business_Plan