Demitri Gassoumis

February 26th, 2013


Demitri Gassoumis is a painter living on the island of Hydra, his mother`s birthplace.


He studied painting at the California College of Arts and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting in 1959.


Twenty years later, he was invited to join the staff as an Instructor “Colour and Composition”.

He lived on Hydra on and off since 1959.


Gassoumis has had major exhibitions in Greece.


This is his fifth show on Hydra.


His present show on this Island at the “Verena Foundation” is a series of paintings done 15 years ago.


His fascination for “Greek Design”, especially “Corinthian”, started, when he discovered Callimachus, the originator of the Corinthian Style.


Callimachus also invented in the fifth century B.C. the running drill, used for simulating the folds of drapery in marble.


This show includes a series of drawings of “Leda and the Swan”.