Eric van den Broek

February 25th, 2013

When Natacha and Hart were very exited about buying the ArtHouse in Kamini they invited me to come up with ideas about what to do in the house.
I was the first one to open up the windows, which was really special because they had been closed for many years.
Looking out of the windows I could see the Hydriots being exited as well but they didn’t come to have a look in the house.
I found out that they were actually very suspicious about was going to happen with the house.
Natacha and Hart wanted the house to become a house for the community.
That’s how I came up with the Faces of Hydra idea.
I wanted to bring the people in the house, to connect them to the house.
As a filmmaker I would do it by filming.
It was clear to me from the beginning that I wanted to use the three windows opposite to Kondelenia.
I had a clear picture how it should look like.
I had no clue about technical possibilities.
The support I got from Natacha and Hart kept me going.
Elmer Leupen the editor of Peter Greenaway helped me setting up my computer to do the editing and Geert de Jong, VJ, did an incredible job on the projection.
The whole process was very exiting because everything was new and to be discovered.
I like to bring people together.
The ArtHouse in Kamini is a perfect location to do that.
Working with people from Hydra was a great pleasure.