3,000 Acres of afforestation project has begun.

July 2nd, 2014

A 3,000 acres afforestation project in Balam Escape, Belize, www.balamescape.com has just begun.

Dr.Porsch has retained a forester to plant the first 5,000 trees on 10 acres ( pine and hardwood ) The project calls for the planting of about 1.5 Million trees on 3,000 acres, which are part of the greater Balam Escape project. Together with the already existing forest this project will absorb more than 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

We are planning to raise money for the project as follows:

For each donation of $2, we will plant one tree!

Volunteers and donators are welcome! Please click on donate icon below.

The road to somewhere!3000-forestproject


Who said it would be easy?3000-forest-work


The beginning of a 3,000 acre afforestation project.3000-forest-survey