October 8th, 2019

We, a privately owned registered Foundation in Nevada, USA with the goal to help to support the Arts, Environment and Education are seeking donations for mangroves conservation.

This 600 acres of mangroves conservation together with the commitment to plant 1.5 Million trees is part of our approved carbon neutral community: The Balam Escape in Belize, Central America(presently in search of a co-developer) (

We will keep 300,000 tons of sequestered carbon in the ground by conserving these mangroves!

An article about the importance of mangroves to our ecological system:

Action Plan:
a) Start by getting a mapped overview of the 600 acres through satellite images. Funds needed $5,000 (tax deductible as a donation to Verena Foundation (501,c 3) )
To donate: go to and click on donate.

b) Create a crowdfunding platform to raise necessary funds of up to $50,000 for final on site mapping (by drones) and carbon sequestration determination

Thanks for your support.

Dr. Porsch