Who We Are

As Verena Foundation, an American/Belizean Foundation in support of the Arts, Education and the Environment, Dr. Porsch had a dream. A dream to contribute to the Arts. A dream to support the education of especially underprivileged athletes.And a dream to educate about the environment and set an example . He contributed US $ 3 Million to the Foundation and got started.

In the Arts, he wants to give a platform for artists of all kinds.

Through grants and other contributions he wants to help the underprivileged youth to achieve a better education.

The public will be educated though the afforestation of a 3,000 acre piece of land in Belize, Central America and the establishment of a Green Technology Research and Education Center.

Our commitment stands to always act professionally, with emotional intelligence and in the spirit of creativity. Our support will be for those who have committed their lives to creativity in the field of Arts; and for those athletes who are underprivileged, but ready to fulfill their dreams.

Dr. Porsch Resume: Hart_Porsch_Resume (pdf)


The beginning in Hydra/Greece, 2006

He and his team have worked on this dream for years, then we saw in 2006 this house, which we still all love. We filled this house with art, artists and participants. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen legal circumstances, this house was taken away from us in 2010.

Life goes on and we are presently planning for a new home on our own land in a 300 acre Art Park in Belize, Central America.Meanwhile we are operating from our office in Paris, France.

What made us choose Hydra is the fact that is has escaped modern development. Looking for private vehicles and motorbikes? Oh no, forbidden. Donkeys and mules are ruling the island, disturbed occasionally by one of a few utility trucks. So we walk on this island, and at night we are guided by the millions of stars, watching over us. And a short distance away we see the twinkling lights of the houses on the Peloponnese, reminding us that we are not alone. No wonder that this magic rock seems to be a perfect place to allow your creativity to develop. The island has a long history of attracting many artists, several prominent ones and others.

Being inspired by this place we now will create our own magical Art Park, surrounded by a 3,000 acres afforestation.
The Balam Escape


Dream as big as you can, as big as the Universe, or even bigger. Don’t let go of your dreams, never. They will carry you through, will make you strong and successful, in love and life.


Look around you, what are the so called realities? Are they trying to create big obstacles to block your dreams? Look clearly and closely, observe, analyze, realize.


Go out and implement your dreams. Embrace the realities like a dysfunctional brother, overcome them, go around them, but don’t deny them. Stay strong in your visions, let the dreams prevail and you will be rewarded with whatever you are looking for. But remember: We are all different, don’t impose your dreams on others, they will follow eventually, just stay your course.